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Let's Create Categories and Sub Categories and Assign Products

SalesPlay POS APP > Settings > Products

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1. Go to POS app main menu and select products

2. Select 'Products' and click the plus button to create a product.

3. First enter the name of the product

4. Enter the 'Selling price'

5. Upload an image


  • You can add an image of the product which helps the cashier to identify the product quickly during checkout. 
  • SalesPlay offers you three options when adding the product image
    • Take a photo : You can use the device camera and quickly take and upload the product image.
    • Choose a photo : You can simply upload an image from your device gallery. 
    • Remove photo: If you want to remove a previously  added image you can use this opton to remove the image. Then you can use one of the above two optons to add a new image.


6. Save the details.


  • Once you include all the details of the product click 'SAVE' and you will see the product in your product list.  

7. Add Category


  • Now select 'Product categories' and click the plus button to add categories.

8. Enter the category name and enable 'Subcategory'

9. Select / create subcategory


  • Under Subcategory you can either select an existing subcategory that you have previously created or create a new subcategory.

10. Save the changes


  • Select 'Create subcategory' and enter the subcategory name.
  • Do remember to click the plus button to save the details.

11. Assign products


  • Now you can assign products to the subcategory under the main category, you just created.
  • Simply click 'Assign products' and you will see the product list appear on the screen.

12. Select the relevant product or use the search option


  • You can select the relevant product or you can easily use the search option if you have a massive list of products. 

13. Now the product has been successfully assigned to the category

14. View products in the categories


  • Go back to main menu , select 'New sale' , click on the main category and then you will be able to select the subcategory where you can see and select the relevant product.

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