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Favorite Product Feature

Step-by-step guide

  • Once a product is marked as a favourite, it will appear under the dedicated "Favourite" category in the main billing interface.
  • Removing Products from Favourite Category: To remove a product from the "Favourite" category, click on the red heart icon again. ·
  • In the "Simple Grid" layout, the information icon is not visible. To utilize the Favourite Category feature in this layout, temporarily switch to either "Grid" or "List" layout, mark favourite products, and switch back to "Simple Grid" if desired.

Favorite Category Feature

  • Optimize your POS experience with the Favourite Category feature, ensuring a smoother and faster billing process. Tailor your POS system to your business needs, especially if you manage large products or want to expedite transactions for frequently sold items.


  1. POS App main menu
  2. Select “ New Sale ”
  3. Select a product which you want to add to favourite category in the category column.
  4. Click the “Product Information” button

(In every product beside the price area “ i “ button can be seen)

  1. You can see a heart icon
  2. Click on the heart icon
  3. Once it is clicked, it will be shown in red colour.

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