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How to Use Shift Management

SalesPlay POS App

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1. Enable shift management


  • Go to SalesPlay Back Office > Settings > Features > Enable 'Shift Management' > Save
  • Once you enable “Shift Management”, a new option ‘Drawer reasons” will appear on the settings section.
    • Select the “Drawer reasons “ section > Click Add Drawer Reasons > Enter the drawer reason name and click save

2. Open shift to continue in SalesPlay POS app

3. Enter the shift opening amount

4. To manage drawer transactions, go to Main menu > Manage sales > Cash management > Drawer transactions

5. Enter drawer transaction details


  1. Amount
  2. Reason
    • You can select a reason already availbale or create new one.
    • To create a new reason, click 'NEW', enter the new reason and save it. 
  3. Note: If you need to add extra details about the transaction. 
  4. Select 'PAY IN' or 'PAY OUT' and proceed. 

6. Cash drawer - summary

7. How to end the shift (SHIFT END)

Within POS App
• POS App main menu
• Select “ Manage Sale ”
• Click “Cash Management”
• Select "Shift End"
• Enter "actual cash amount"
• Click the "Run Shift End" icon

(If need a printout, tick on the "print report" icon )

8. How to check shift report

Within Backoffice
1. Login to POS Back Office Webportal
2. Select “ Reports ” from the main menu
3. Go to the “ Shifts”
4. Click “ View” 


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