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How to Use Open Bill Function

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1. Use Open Bill Function


  • POS System allows user to put a receipt on hold when the customer wants to add more items to the cart.
    • Ex: When we are in a supermarket and ready to do the billing, we decided to go look at a few more items. At this moment cashier need to put the sale on hold and allow the next customer to start billing. Once we come again with those items, cashier should be able to recall that hold receipts again.
  • There is a button on the bottom called “SAVE”. Once you select this button, that will allow you to SAVE the bill. When that customer returns to complete their transaction, you can click the button in the same place called “OPEN BILLS”.

2. Use Open Bill Function


  1. Login to POS Back Office Webportal
  2. Select “ Settings ” from main menu
  3. Go to the “ Feature”
  4. Tick ON “Open Receipts (Bills)” button
  5. Click “ Save”

(Once you ON “Open Receipts (Bills)”, it will appear on POS APP as “Open Bills” in new sales interface)

3. Use Open Bill Function

4. Use Open Bill Function


  1. POS App main menu
  2. Select “ New Sale ”
  3. Click items customer need to buy
  4. Click “SAVE”
  5. If you need to SAVE the receipt in a name you can enter name or click SAVE


(Once you saved the receipt, it will be ibn “Open Bills” section, when you need it again, you can click “Open Bills” and select the receipt from HOLD section)

5.Use Open Bill Function

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