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What is QR Ordering System

Step-by-step guide

A QR Ordering System is a digital solution integrated into a Point of Sale (POS) system that allows customers to browse and order items from a menu by scanning QR codes with their smartphones. This system typically provides a user-friendly interface where customers can view menu options, select items, add them to a virtual cart, and proceed with the checkout process entirely from their mobile devices. Orders placed through the QR Ordering System seamlessly integrate into the POS system for efficient processing, providing real-time updates on order status and facilitating transparent communication between customers and restaurant staff.




In restaurants, owners can create QR codes and place them on tables or by the entrance. Customers can then use their smartphones to scan these codes and view the menu. They can order items from the menu directly through their phones. These orders are sent to the restaurant's POS app, and then the restaurant prepares the food items accordingly.

How to add QR Ordering

  • Login to POS Back Office Webportal
  • Select “Settings” from the main menu
  • Go to the “Feature”
  • Tick ON “QR Ordering/ Web Store” button
  • Click “Save”

(Once you ON “QR Ordering”, it will appear as a sub-menu in the Settings section)

  • Select QR Ordering / Web Store
  • Click “Generate QR / Web Store”
  • Select “QR” from dropdown and enter a name
  • Select a SHOP and add a Terminal
  • Add a order type if available
  • Select a table if available
  • Select a QR size and click OK button
  • Tick on “Collect customer information” if need
  • Click “Save”


(Once click ‘save, QR will be generated with the option to Download the QR.)

(To download the QR, please click 3-dot button or click on the download URL)

How to Process QR Orders in POS App

First, you need to Tick On "Open Orders" in the FEATURE section in backoffice.

  1. Login to POS Back Office Webportal
  2. Select “ Settings ” from main menu
  3. Go to the “ Feature”
  4. Tick ON “Open Orders” button
  5. Click “ Save”


(Once you ON “Open Orders”, it will appear on POS APP as “Open Orders” in new sales interface)


  • POS App main menu
  • Select “ New Sale ”
  • Click “Open Orders” section
  • User can see QR Orders under New Orders section
  • Click the QR Order and select either ACCEPT or REJECT


(Once you ACCEPT, the user can prepare the order and proceed with the payment by clicking the payment icon)

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