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 The 'Production' function of the POS System enables businesses to effortlessly add finished goods stock to the system. This valuable feature ensures efficient management of both raw material and recipe stocks, as well as finished goods and inventory. By maintaining separate records for raw materials/recipes and finished goods/items, businesses can streamline their operations and enhance inventory control with ease.


In the 'Production' function, let's consider the example of preparing chicken fried rice using ingredients such as chicken, rice, and carrots. For each serving of fried rice, you require 100g of rice, 25g of chicken, and 10g of carrots. Once the preparation is complete, you can easily enter the quantity of fried rice packets you made based on the available stocks. Let's say you prepared 20 packets of fried rice; the 'Production' feature allows you to record this quantity accurately in the system. This way, you can efficiently manage your inventory and keep track of the usage of raw materials while ensuring your finished goods are well accounted for.


The "Production" function in the POS System offers several benefits to businesses:

  • Efficient Inventory Management: The function allows businesses to keep track of their raw material and recipe stocks separately from the finished goods inventory. This separation helps streamline operations and improves inventory control.
  • Simplified Stock Addition: With this function, adding finished goods stock to the system becomes effortless. It reduces the time and effort required to update inventory records, making the process more efficient.
  • Enhanced Production Planning: The function enables businesses to plan their production more effectively. Having visibility into both raw material and finished goods stock levels allows for better decision-making regarding production schedules and quantities.

To utilize the 'Production' function, follow these three steps:

  1.  Create Ingredient Products: Set up the individual items or ingredients that go into making your finished goods.
  2. Create Composite Products: Bundle these ingredients together to form the finished goods or products you sell.
  3. Enable Production Feature: Turn on the Production feature in the POS system to start managing your inventory efficiently.

After completing these steps, you can easily add finished goods stock to the system, keeping track of your raw materials, composite products, and overall inventory management.

1. Create Ingredient Product

  • An "Ingredient Product" refers to a specific item or component that is used as an ingredient in the preparation of another product.

1.1 Login to Back Office > Select “Products” from main menu > Go to the “Product list” > Click the “ Add Product” button

1.2 Enter the ingredient details


  1. Enter the ingredient name
  2. Click “sold by each” area and select the correct measurement
  3. Tick ON “Ingredient Product” under Additional options
  4. Enter available stocks of the ingredient
  5. Click the “Save” button

2. Create a Composite Product

  •  A composite product refers to a product that is created by combining multiple individual products or ingredients into a single product, bundled offering.

2.1 Login to Back Office > Select “Products” from main menu > Go to the “Product list” > Click the “ Add Product” button

2.2 Enter the composite product details


  1. Enter the composite product name
  2. Tick ON “Composite Product” under Additional options
  3. Tick ON “Use Production” if maintain finished goods stocks
  4. Add component products one by one
  5. Click the “Save” button


(The regular unit cost of the composite product will be calculated based on the quantity and cost of all components or ingredients.)

3. Use Production Feature / Add Finished Goods Stocks

  • The "Production" function of the POS System allows businesses to easily add their finished products to the system. This feature helps them keep track of both the materials they use to make products and the products they have in stock. It ensures that managing inventory, including raw materials and finished goods, is done efficiently.

3.1 Login to Back Office > Select “Inventory” from the main menu > Go to the “Productions” > Click the “Add Production” button

3.2 Select the product from dropdown

  1.  Enter Stock / Quantity
  2. Click the “Save” button

4. Enable Production Feature For Already Created Composite Products


  • The POS System's 'Production' function adds finished goods stock effortlessly, ensuring efficient inventory management for raw materials and finished products

4.1 Login to POS Back Office > Select “Products” from the main menu > Go to the “Product list”

4.2 Search and select the correct Composite Product


  1. Click the product name and go to product edit
  2. Tick ON “Use Production” under the composite product section
  3. Click the “Update” button

5. Disassembly Feature

  • The disassembly function allows the user to break down a finished product or item into its constituent parts. This process is the reverse of the Production function.
  • Disassembling products helps keep an accurate record of the quantity and type of components available in the inventory. It ensures that each component is correctly accounted for and helps prevent stock discrepancies.

    • Ex: 

      The restaurant offers a burger that consists of a bun, patty, tomato, and sauce. When the kitchen prepared burgers POS system allows entering the quantity of the finished goods under the production feature.

      When a customer orders a burger, the POS system automatically deducts it from the burger inventory. At the end of the day, If a few burgers left and the business wants those ingredients add back to the stock, the Disassembly function allows the restaurant staff to reverse the process, adding back the ingredients to the inventory and adjusting accordingly.

5.1 Log in to Back Office > Select “Inventory” from the main menu > Go to the “Productions”


  • Click the arrow button near “Add Production”

5.2 Select the product from dropdown > Enter the disassembly Quantity and click + button


  • Click the “Save” button 

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