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How to Use Cash Rounding

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Cash-Rounding Option

  • The bill total is rounded to the nearest multiple of the smallest denomination, which may be higher or lower than the unrounded total. This rounding is applied to the total of a bill.
  • Ex: Suppose the total bill is $ 9.90, You need to round the total amount & issue the receipt with $ 10 in POS. Now system can do this automatically and you can print the total amount as well for any particular payment.

1. Login to Back Office > Select “ Settings ” from main menu > Click “ Payment Types

2. Click on “Cash” icon > Tick On and enable “Cash rounding”

3. Select the Cash Rounding interval ( 0.05, 0.10, 0.50 or 1.00 )

  • Select the Rounding rule 
    • Round to the nearest value up 
    • Always round up 
    • Always round down 
    • Round to the nearest value down
  • Click “Update”

4. Open POS App main menu > Select “ New Sale ”

5. Select item with unrounded decimals and click “Charge” button


  • Once you click “ Charge” button in Payment Interface, you will see “Rounding” figures. 
  • Proceed

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