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How to Set Up Manual Cash-Rounding

SalesPlay Back Office

Manual Rounding Option


  • Manual Rounding option empowers you to fine-tune the bill total according to your specific needs, whether it involves adjusting for customized discounts, handling intricate tax calculations, or meeting the decimal precision requirements of specific countries like Bahrain.

1. Login to Back Office > Select “ Settings ” from main menu > Click “ Payment Types”

2. Click on “Cash” icon > Tick On and enable “Cash rounding” > Select the Cash Rounding interval as “Manual” > Click “Update”

3. Open SalesPlay POS App main menu > Select “ New Sale ”

4. Select item and click “Charge” button

5. At the payment interface you will see ≈ an icon, the wavy equals sign > Click it and add the manual rounding


  • Once you click “ ≈ wavy equals sign”, decimals will be highlighted to enter the rounding value.

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