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How to Use Alternative Currency

SalesPlay Back Office > Settings > Features > Alternative Currency

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1. Use Alternative Currency


  • In some businesses, they may accept several Currencies from customer.
  • For example, a shop in an airport may accept several currencies from customers. If your primary currency is US Dollar, you may accept Indian Rupees INR as well.
  • The POS system able to perform these alternative currencies. To perform this, user need to setup the conversion rate and update it manually when currency rates change.
  • During the checkout process, if alternate currency payment is setup, those alternative currencies will show in the Payment Interface.

2. Use Alternative Currency


  1. Login to POS Back Office Webportal
  2. Select “ Settings ” from main menu
  3. Go to the “ Feature”
  4. Tick ON “ Alternative Currency” button
  5. Click “ Save”

(Once you ON “Alternative Currency”, it will appear as a sub-menu in Settings section)

3. Use Alternative Currency


  1. Select Alternative Currency
  2. Click “Add Alternative Currency”
  3. Enter currency code and value
  4. Click status ON
  5. Click “Save”

4. Use Alternative Currency


  • Once the ‘alternative currency” is added, then it will download to the POS app and shows in Payment Interface near the ‘Amount Due” section as a dropdown.

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