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How to Transfer Tables

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Table Transfers

In a restaurant environment, customer satisfaction is paramount. SalesPlay POS offers a convenient Table Transfer option to ensure a smooth transition when a customer decides to switch tables. This feature not only streamlines the dining experience but also empowers restaurant staff to accommodate customer preferences effortlessly.

Advantages of Table Transfer:

Improved Operational Flow: Table Transfer functionality ensures that order details and billing seamlessly move from one table to another, reducing the chances of errors or confusion.

Optimized Seating Management: Efficiently manage restaurant seating by accommodating changing customer dynamics, maximizing occupancy, and minimizing wait times.


Imagine a restaurant with a dining atmosphere. A guest arrives and selects Table No 1 to enjoy their dining experience. After placing an order and beginning their meal, a new group of customers arrives at the restaurant, eager to occupy Table No 1. The initial customer expresses a preference to move to Table No 3.

In this scenario, the cashier utilizes SalesPlay POS to seamlessly transfer the order from Table No 1 to Table No 3, ensuring a smooth transition for both sets of customers.


1. POS App main menu
2. Select “ New Sale”
3. Select Table Icon and then Select a Table
4. Add Items and click Save
(After that customer wants to move to a new Table )

5. Click on "Open Bills"
6. Select the Table order and click Edit
7. Click on the Table icon
8. Click on the selected Table
(You will see the 'Unselect Dialog box, then click Yes )
9. Select the new Table
10. Click Update

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