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How to Sign in with SalesPlay Web POS

SalesPlay Web POS

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SalesPlay Web POS

  •  Users have the option to access SalesPlay Web POS directly through the SalesPlay Backoffice. This can be easily accomplished by navigating to the "Settings" menu and selecting the "POS devices" section. Additionally, users can conveniently copy the web app's URL and bookmark it for quick and automated login purposes.

Special Notes

  • Users have the flexibility to create accounts for Android, iOS, and Web POS platforms using the same email address.

  • However, it's important to note that synchronization of functions across these devices is not yet fully operational. Since these platforms are in various stages of development, certain functions may not be available across all of them. As a result, the seamless synchronization of receipts and data among devices and platforms may not be fully functional at this time.

1.Login to SalesPlay POS Back Office > Select “ Settings ” from main menu > Go to the “ POS Devices”

2. Select the platform “Web POS” > Click 3-dot button near status

3.Click “ Open Web POS”


  • The Web App URL will only appear within the Web POS Platform.

4. You will automatically sign into Web POS.


  • Allow notifications.

5. Successfully signed in.

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