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How to Increase Modifier Quantity

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What is Modifier Quantity Increase?

  • One of the important features in modern POS systems is the Modifier Quantity Increase option. This option allows you to easily adjust the quantity of specific modifiers associated with a menu item.


  • SalesPlay POS system allows businesses to create a variety of Modifier Groups that can be easily customized and then increase modifiers based on customer requests.
    • For example, a restaurant may offer a burger with several different types of cheese, toppings, and sauces to choose from. Let's say the customer wants to customize their burger with extra cheese and double the amount of lettuce.
    • Select the burger item from POS App and click the item in the Item Cart. Look for the modifiers and select the lettuce. Then use "+," "-" button to increase or decrease.

Open POS App > Select “New Sale” > Select an item and click

Click again the item in the ITEM CART area

Go to the “MODIFIERS” area and click relevant modifier

  • When you click small black box with number 1 will appear

Click on the number 1 black box

  • It will show ( - 1 + ) decrease / increase option
  • Click on the ( - or + ) button

Click ‘Add” button > Click “Charge” and proceed

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