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How to Create Modifiers

SalesPlay Back Office

1. Go to SalesPlay Back Office > Products > Modifiers


  • Modifiers allow customers to tailor their order to their personal preferences or dietary restrictions, making the dining experience more enjoyable.

2. Give the modifier group, a name Ex : Choice of protein > Add the modifiers one by one, with cost and price.


  1. To add a new modifier to the group, click the '+ ADD NEW' button.
  2. Select the shop(s), the modifiers are available.
  3. Save the changes.
  • Once you click the save button, a window will appear, allowing you to attach the products to the modifier group.

3. Click 'ATTACH'.

4. Now you can tick the check-boxes and select the products which you want to attach.


  • You can select the category, or select the products of a category one by one(Click on the downwards arrow to view the products) .
  • Click Save.

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