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How to Create Other Staff

SalesPlay Back Office > Users > Other staff

What is 'Other Staff' in SalesPlay POS


  • POS system allows you to create other staff.  “Other Staff” can be identified as the employees working in the business but billing is not their primary task.
  • Waiters, sales persons, hair dressers can be identified as “Other Staff’. 
    • Ex:
      • If the business is a restaurant, other staff can be identified as a “Waiter”.
      • If the business is textile, other staff can be identified as “Sales Girls”


  • Assigning them in to a receipt is important to track their performance and to calculate commissions.

1.Login to POS Back Office > Select “ Users” from main menu > Go to the “Other Staff” > Click “ Create Other Staff” button

2. Enter other staff name and other details > Select a type from dropdown menu


  • You can create a type by selecting “create new type”

3. Click “Save” button


  • Once the other staff created, it will be downloaded to the POS app and you can see it as “Assign Employee” near the three-dot button dropdown in POS App main interface


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