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How to Create Other Staff

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1. How to create Other Staff


  • POS system allows you to create other staff.  “Other Staff” can be identified as the employees working in the business but billing is not their primary task.
  • Waiters, sales persons, hair dressers can be identified as “Other Staff’. 
    • Ex:
      • If the business is a restaurant, other staff can be identified as a “Waiter”.
      • If the business is textile, other staff can be identified as “Sales Girls”


  • Assigning them in to a receipt is important to track their performance and to calculate commissions.

2. How to Create Other Staff


  • How to create “Other Staff”


    1. Login to POS Back Office Webportal
    2. Select “ Users” from main menu
    3. Go to the “Other Staff”
    4. Click “ Create Other Staff” button

3. How to Create Other Staff


  1. Enter other staff name and other details
  2. Select a type from dropdown menu

(You can create a type by selecting “create new type”)

  1. Click “Save” button

4. How to Create Other Staff


(Once the other staff created, it will be downloaded to the POS app and you can see it as “Assign Employee” near the three-dot button dropdown in POS App main interface)

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