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How to Change the Payment Type Order

SalesPlay Back Office

Payment Types Priority


  • The "Payment Types Priority" option refers to a feature that allows businesses to establish a specific order in which different types of payments are processed during a transaction.
  • Customers often have various options for making payments, such as cards, cash, mobile wallets, and gift cards. The Payment Types Priority feature allows businesses to set preferences for the sequence in which these payment methods are applied when a customer settles their bill.

Payment Type order


  • After creating Payment Types, you can decide which payment types should show first and their order. POS System allows users to change the Payment Types order. This option allows users to select mostly using Payment Types. Other payment types can be viewed after clicking the drop-down arrow.
  • The firstly select Payment Type will be the default Payment Type

1. Log in to Back Office > Select “Settings” from main menu > Go to the “Payment Types”

2. Click 3-dot button near “ Add Payment Type” > Click “Change Order”

3. Click the burger mark and DRAG and Drop the payment type.


  • Click “Save”

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