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How to Calculate Sales Commission

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Special Note


  • To calculate sales commission, first you should have created the receipt(s) and assigned employee to the receipt(s).
    • To assign employees, you should have created 'Other staff' from Back Office.
    • Please visit: How to Create Other Staff  for the instructions.


  • To assign staff, you can click the three dot button in the top right corner in the POS app and select 'Assign employee'.
  • Then, select the name of the employee. 

Sales Commission


  • Sales commission in a POS system refers to a system in which an employee / other staff is rewarded with a percentage of the sales they generate. This is typically used in businesses where sales are a significant portion of revenue, such as restaurants, textile stores, salons, and other service-based industries.


  • In a POS system with a sales commission, each employee / other staff is assigned a unique code or name, which allows the system to track their sales. When a sale is made, the user should assign the employee / other staff for the receipt, then the system records the transaction and attributes it to the employee who made the sale. The Back Office web portal then calculates the commission owed to the employee based on the agreed-upon percentage rate or the number of receipts.


  • The employee commission feature is often used as a motivator for employees to increase their sales performance, as it provides them with a financial incentive to sell more. Additionally, it can be used as a way to reward top-performing employees and retain talent within the organization.

Sales commission can be calculated via the Back Office web portal based on the agreed-upon percentage rate or the number of receipts. Sales commission reports can be downloaded via PDF or print.

1. Login to POS Back Office > Select “Users” from the main menu > Go to the “Staff Commissions”

2. Click the “Calculate Sales Commissions” button

3. Enter the commission name and select shops > Select “commission method” the dropdown (Total or Count)

4. Select the employee(s)

5. Enter the “commission rate” > Click the “add” (+) button > Click “Save” button

6. Once the commission is calculated, user can get a printout or download the PDF file by clicking three-dot button

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