Case Study - Restaurant

SalesPlay is known to be the most convenient system for many in the Hospitality industry. We provide the best pos software solution for any type of restaurant, Fast-food outlets, Coffee shops, Pizza shops, and food trucks to a fine dining restaurant. SalesPlay is designed as a complete solution for small or large-scale businesses to manage their business. Our suites of products are secure & easy to use.

Special features available for restaurants

Order management including order types
Split bill management
Mange kitchen order ticket via an external printer
Mange kitchen order ticket via kitchen display
Table management
Combo products
Service charge adding
Recipe management
Employee-wise billing
Pre-bill option
Bill Holding

Order creation is much easier than before with the SalesPlay order management feature as you can add items to the cart by simply tapping on them. The “Search” option facilitates you to find items quickly and add them to the order. Item and order modification can be done in the same interface. Whether it’s a dine in, take away or a delivery request, anything’s possible by customizing the “Order Type Feature”.

Looking for a commission plan for your employees? We have it all sorted. SalesPlay pos is the perfect solution for this requirement. Aside from the commissions, Employee wise billing & Pending, orders can be monitored. Further, it’s an absolute to have a table management feature in every restaurant; SalesPlay pos can be a great fit for individual order allocation & billing.

SalesPlay pos has embedded feature to offer spilt bills for customers which enables to divide the final bill value into small amounts. Further, order tickets can be printed or send directly to the SalesPlay Kitchen display electronically to avoid sending manual receipts. Kitchen display will allow showing proceeds orders with ticket numbers and all orders in the queue. Imagine that you require to measure amount of ingredients required for a recipe and monitor those at the end of your operations. Through recipe management feature you can measure this without any hassle.

Order modifications such as, “extra cheese for a pizza or extra topping for an Ice cream”, All you need is use modifiers in Salesplay pos to upsell products to your customers. Nevertheless, why not sell your combo products to maximize profitability and business growth? All these features are available with SalesPlay pos, specially designed for your restaurant business.