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How to use “ Time Clock” Reports

SalesPlay time clock feature and reporting brings significant advantages for businesses by enabling the tracking of employees' attendance time and working hours.

The associated reports, available in the backoffice web portal under the "User" section, namely "Timecards" and "Total Hours Worked," serve as invaluable tools for management and HR departments. Here's why these reports are important:

1. Timecards Report

  • Clock-In and Clock-Out Details: The Timecards report provides a detailed record of each employee's Clock-In and Clock-Out times. This information helps managers monitor punctuality and attendance, ensuring that employees adhere to their scheduled work hours.

How to get timecard report

Login to POS Back Office > Select “ Users” from the main menu > Go to the “Timecards”

2. Total Hours Worked Report

Employee-Specific Overview: The Total Hours Worked report offers a summarized view of the total hours worked by each employee. This allows for quick assessments of overall employee productivity and dedication.

Efficient Payroll Processing: For payroll purposes, having a report that specifically outlines the total hours worked streamlines the payroll processing workflow. This ensures that employees are compensated accurately for their time and effort.

Employee Performance: The reports enable managers to assess employee performance based on attendance and working hours. This information can be valuable for performance evaluations, recognizing top performers, and addressing any attendance-related concerns.

How to get the 'total hours worked' report

Login to POS Back Office > Select “Users” from the main menu > Go to the “Total hours worked”

How to activate and run the “ Time Clock” feature

Login to POS Back Office > Select “ Settings ” from main menu > Go to the “ Feature” >Tick ON “Timeclock” button

Click “ Save”

POS App main menu > Select “Padlock” icon > Click “ Time Clock” icon

Enter PIN of the employee > Click “Clock-In”

Click “Go To POS” if the time is correct.

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