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Let's Sign Up via SalesPlay Website

SalesPlay Website → Sign Up

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1. Visit SalesPlay Website


2. Provide the details


  • To get registered
    • Enter a valid Email Address
    • Provide a password. 
    • Enter your business name.
    • Select your business type and country.
  • Then click 'Submit'.

3. Confirm Registration


  • Now, you will receive an email to the provided Email address. Please check your inbox.
  • Click 'Confirm Registration' on the Email.

4. Sign in to Back Office via SalesPlay Website


  • Your account has been successfully registered.
  • Go To SalesPlay website and click 'Sign In'. 

5. Provide user name and password


  • Enter the Same Email address and password you provided when 'sign up'.

6. Sign in successfully


  • You have successfully signed in to your account. Now let's go to the 'Main Menu' and select 'Settings' and 'Shops'. 

7. Add terminal


  • Now select 'POS devices' and click 'Add POS' to add the terminal in Back Office. 

8. Download SalesPlay POS app


  • Search , download and install 'SalesPlay POS App' on your device. 
    • For Android phones and tablets, visit Google Play Store :  recommended Android version is Android 5.0 or above.
    • For iPhones and iPads, visit App Store : trecommended iOS version is iOS 12.1 or above.

9. Sign In via SalesPlay POS App


  • Open SalesPlay POS App and click 'Sign In'.
  • Enter the same Email address and the password you provided when signing up to the Back Office and click 'Submit'.

10. Select the shop and the terminal


  • Select the shop and the terminal as you created the terminal through Back Office and click 'CONTINUE'.

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