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How to Use Variants of Products

SalesPlay Back Office > Main Menu > Products

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1.Product Variant


  • We can simply define “Product Variant” as the different attributes of a product. Those attributes may be the products’ different sizes or colors.
    • Ex : Textile or clothing store
  • If you sell the same shirt in 2 colors (Black, White) and 3 sizes (Small, Medium and Large), the POS system should be able to record those different attributes and stocks for each attribute.
  • Now the POS system allows you to add multiple variations to products such as size, color, the material they’re made of etc..

2. Login to POS Back Office > Select “ Products” from main menu

3. Go to the “Product list” > Click “ Add Product” button


  1. Enter product name and “regular unit price” and other details

4. Tick ON “variant product” section

5. Click ‘add variants”

6. Enter attribute name Ex: (Size, colors) > Enter different names of attributes (Ex : Red, Black, Small, Mediam, Large)


  1. Click “Save” button
    • Enter If variants have barcodes or stocks
    • Click “Save” button

7. You can apply different prices for the variants.




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