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How to Use Open Bill Sync Option

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SalesPlay Open Bill Sync Option


  • The "Hold Receipt Sync" function can be defined as the process of syncing hold receipts to other terminals inside a business location.
    • For example, in a restaurant, several POS terminals are deployed. POS System users can use any POS terminal to edit or complete the already-held receipts. 
  • If your business location has more than one POS terminal, this "Hold Receipt Sync" option will automatically be activated.  
  • All hold receipts including "Customer Orders", "Reservations" and "Table Reservations" will be automatically synced with other terminals in the same business location.
    • Ex: In a restaurant, there are 3 POS terminals, once a cashier opens a receipt for a dining customer, those hold receipts will be sync to all other 2 POS terminals. 

POS App main menu > Select “ New Sale”

Click “Open Bills”


  • You can see hold receipts in other terminals  

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