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How to Subscribe Add-ons / Modules Advanced Inventory

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Subscription for Advanced Inventory

  • The Advanced Inventory module is one of our add-ons, allowing you to perform various tasks such as creating Purchase Orders PO, generating Goods Receive Notes GRN, accessing inventory history reports, and efficiently managing your stock. Also, this add-on includes features like Stock Adjustments, Transfer of Goods, Production, Reports, and Print Labels.


    The Advanced Inventory add-on offers a 30-day free trial starting from your subscription date, and no card details are required upfront. Once your trial begins, the Subscriptions page will display the trial's end date. To continue using the service after the trial, simply click the 'Activate' button. Billing is based on the number of shops created, with options for monthly or annual charges.

1. Login to POS Back Office > Go to “Settings” Section

2. Select ‘Billing & subscriptions”

3. Click the subscribe button next to the Inventory Management > Click Subscribe and proceed

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