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How to Setup Kitchen Display

SalesPlay Back Office

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Key Points to Remember


  • Please note that both the KOT display and the POS device must be connected to the same network in order to operate properly.

1. Install & Open SalesPlay KOT/BOT Display


2. Note down the IP address of the device


  • Please make a note of the IP address of the device as it will be required later.

3. Enable Addon Apps


  • Go to SalesPlay Back Office > Main Menu > Settings
  • Enable 'Addon apps'
  • Click 'Save'.  
  • Once you enable "Addon apps," it will appear as a subcategory under "Features" in the settings.

4. Register Your Device in Back Office


  • Go to Features > Addon apps > KOT/BOT devices. 
  • Click 'REGISTER NEW'.

5.Select/Fill in the Required Information to Register the New Device

6. Get the Verification Code


  • After you provided and saved the required details, you will a verification code.
  • Note it down. 

7. Enter Verification Code in the KOT Device

8. Enter Verification Code

9. Add KOT Groups

10. KOT - Overview

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