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How to Setup Dual Display

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1. How to Setup Dual Display

A Dual Display or second screen in a Point of Sale (POS) system is the incorporation of an extra screen that faces the customer during the checkout process. This customer-facing display is intended to furnish real-time essential transaction details while also integrating branding elements like the business logo, promotional images, and messages.

Dual Display integration is an important feature. SalesPlay POS App effortlessly syncs with dual displays on top-tier POS Terminals.

This integration seamlessly extends to well-known POS terminals such as "Sunmi" and "Imin," guaranteeing compatibility and user-friendly operation.

Why POS Terminal Dual Display Integration is Important:

1. Customers can view their purchased items, prices, and total amounts in real-time, promoting transparency in the transaction process.

2. Displaying the business logo on the customer-facing screen reinforces brand identity and creates a professional and cohesive image.

3. Utilize the dual display to showcase promotional images, messages, or special offers, creating an additional avenue for marketing directly to the customer.


Setting Up POS Terminal Dual Display with SalesPlay POS:

Within backoffice

1. Login to POS Back Office Webportal
2. Select “ Settings ” from main menu
3. Go to the “ Software Setup”
4. Tick ON “Dual display setting” button
5. Add a header description message
6. Add the business logo
7. Add a background image
8. Click “ Update”

Within POS app

1. POS App main menu
2. Select “ Settings ”
3. Select “Software Customization”
4. Tick ON “ Dual Display”
5. Click “ Update”

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