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How to Set Up Design Receipts

SalesPlay Back Office

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.1 Log in to Back Office > Select “Settings” from main menu > Go to the “Design receipt”

.2 Click the “More” button near “Design receipt”

7. Tick On “Space for receipt comment” button: Add an additional comment for the receipt


  • The Custom Comment/Remark feature allows cashiers to add special messages, notes, or information to the receipt before printing it. This feature aims to provide important updates. 
  • Once the option is activated from Back Office, before printing the receipt, user will see an option on the screen to "Receipt Note". Enter the desired message or remark using the on-screen keyboard.

    Once submitted, proceed with the receipt printing process. The comment will be included on the final receipt.

12. Select “Print QR” > Click the “Change” button and select either Receipt URL or Customized URL > Click “Save”


The "Print QR for Customer" (QR codes - Quick Response codes) feature enables businesses to send relevant information to customers through QR codes, enhancing the overall customer experience and interaction.

When a transaction is completed using the POS system, the "Print QR for Customer" feature generates a unique QR code related to that specific transaction. This QR code is then automatically printed onto the customer's receipt. The QR code contains encoded information that can be scanned using a smartphone or a QR code reader app.

Under this facility, there are two modes called Receipt URL and Customized URL.

  1. Receipt URL:

The Receipt URL mode involves generating a QR code that, when scanned by the customer, directs them to an online platform where they can view and access their digital receipt.

  1. Customized URL:

The Customized URL mode takes QR code functionality a step further by allowing businesses to provide tailored content to customers beyond the receipt. In this mode:

Marketing and Engagement: Businesses can send customers to their website, social media profiles, special promotions, loyalty programs, or even customer surveys.

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