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How to Set All Inventory Stock Levels to Zero

SalesPlay Back Office

Zero All Stocks

  • "Zero All Stocks" feature allows users to reset or adjust the stock levels of all items in their inventory to zero.
  • The "Zero All Stocks" function provides a fresh starting point, enabling businesses to rectify stocks discrepancies and establish accurate inventory counts.
  • It's important to note that using the "Zero All Stocks" option should be done with caution as stocks data cannot be restored. When performing "Zero All Stocks" option, double check the correct “SHOP” is selected and businesses should ensure they have downloaded stock data / reports.

1. Login to POS Back Office > Select “Inventory” from main menu

2. Go to “Inventory Counts” > Click “Add Inventory Count” button

3. Select correct shop > Tick ON the type as “Full” > Click “Save & Count” button

4. Click “COMPLETE” button and confirm


  • Once done the confirmation all available stocks will be zero

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