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How to Print Labels

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1. How to Print Labels


  • Software support to print barcode stickers.
  • To run this process, first you need to enter initial barcode for the products.
  • These barcode labels include product name, price, currency and barcode.

2. How to Print Labels


  1. Login to POS Back Office Webportal
  2. Select “Products” from main menu
  3. Go to the “Product List”

3. How to Print Labels


  1. Click 3-dot button near “Import” button
  2. Click “Print Labels”

4. How to Print Labels


  1. Select the correct label type and shop from the dropdown
  2. Tick On those fields need to be printed (name, price, currency)
  3. Select the correct Category and the product
  4. Enter the QTY of labels you need to print
  5. Click “+” add button
  6. Click “Create Labels” button

5. How to Print Labels


  1. New tab will be opened
  2. Click “Print” button of the new page

6. How to Print Labels


  1. Set the printer settings correctly
  2. Click Print

(To print barcode on the label, you need to add the product barcode via add product section or edit product)

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