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How to Exchange Products and Use Credit Notes

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1. Exchanging Products and Using Credit Notes


  • When a customer brings an item to the store and asks for an exchange, the sales staff need to perform this task based on business requirements. (In some businesses, they do not accept exchanges).
  • In some cases, the customers may request an exchange without the receipt. In this scenario, user need to get other details such as product name, date and customer name etc and find the receipt number.
  • When the customer wants to exchange what they brought for another product or the same product in a different size or color, the user first need to create a “Credit Note” and then give the CREDIT NOTE to the customer. After customer comes with the new item you need to bill it and add CREDIT NOTE number as a PAYMENT METHOD.
  • (Credit Note option need to activated via Back Office first)

2. Activate 'Credit Note' Option via Back Office


  1. Login to POS Back Office 
  2. Select “ Settings ” from main menu
  3. Go to the “ Feature”
  4. Tick ON “ Credit Note ” button
  5. Click “ Save”

(Once you ON “Credit Note”, it will apper on the POS App)

3. Select the relevant receipt


  1. POS App main menu
  2. Select “ Manage Sales ”
  3. Click “Past Receipts”
  4. Select the relevant receipt via calendar or search area
  5. Click on the relevant receipt
  6. Click “ Refund” button right-hand upper corner

4. Generate Credit Note


  1. Tick On the item you need to Exchange
  2. Click “CREDIT NOTE” button

4.1 Print, send or share the Credit Note, so then then the customer can present it at the billing counter

5. Proceed with the new sale.


  1. POS App main menu
  2. Select “ New Sale ”
  3. Select item and click “Charge” button

6. Initiate the charge using the Credit Note option.


  • Once you click “ Charge” button in Payment Interface, you will see payment types
  1. Select the payment type “ Credit Note” from drop down menu
  2. Enter Credit Note ID correctly (This can be found via Credit Note receipt)

7. Click “Charge” button and complete the process.

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