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How to Do GRN Based on Purchase Order (PO)

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Perform GRN Based on a Purchase Order (PO)


  • POS System has the capability of do a GRN / Add stock based on a Purchase Order (PO) you raised.
  • Once the items of your PO received, you can start adding stocks.

How to Perform GRN Based on Purchase Order (PO)


1. Login to POS Back Office Webportal
2. Select “Inventory” from main menu
3. Go to the “ Purchase Order PO” section
4. Click on the relevant PO number
5. Click “Create GRN” button
6. Click “Create” button If all details are correct

(You can change the Quantity if there are any changes with the PO Quantity)

(Once click CREATE, the new GRN stock will be added)

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