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How to Do Fully & Partial Credit Settlement

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1. SalesPlay Fully & Partial Credit Settlement


  • SalesPlay POS system allows you to settle a customer's total credit outstanding at once. This feature allows businesses to manage their customer's credit accounts more efficiently and accurately.
  • The user can select the customer and then open the customer profile, then the user can either select all credit receipts or multiple receipts for the bulk credit settlement.

2. POS App main menu > Select “ New Sale ” > Click the “Customer” icon


3. Select the customer and go to the profile section > Click on the “ADD TO RECEIPT” section

4. Click on the “Settle Outstanding” section

5. Select the “Payment Type” > Click the “ SETTLE” button

6. Click the “Continue “ button (Once the user has done the full/partial credit settlement, customer outstanding will be reduced from the “Debtor Management” section and settlements will be shown in “Shift End” reports.


  • Read more about Receipt-wise Credit Settlement Here

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