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How to Do Credit Settlement & Debtor Management

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SalesPlay Credit Settlement & Debtor Management


  • This system is set up to bill “Credit”, so that you can lend goods to your customers. The outstanding credit balance of each customer can be tracked and system has the option to settle them.
    • Ex: Customer can get items under “Credit” and can pay later date. 
  • The credit settlement should be done via “Debtor Management” function in the POS app.

1. Perform Credit Sale

1.1 POS App main menu > Select “ New Sale ” > Select item and click “Charge” button

1.2 Click “customer” icon and add a customer to the receipt


  • You can add a new customer or search the existing one
  • Once you add the customer “ customer” icon will show a tick 

1.3 Select “Credit” option > Click “Charge” button

2. Credit Settlement & Debtor Management

2.1 POS App main menu > Select “ Manage Sales ” > Click “Debtor Management / Credit Invoice”

2.2 Select the customer from dropdown menu near “All customer”

3. Credit Settlement using the customer profile


  • POS system has the ability to settle a customer's credit outstanding via the customer profile section. The user can select the customer and then open the customer profile, then the user can select all credit receipts, multiple receipts, or a partial amount of a receipt.

2.3 click the relevant receipt


  • Enter amount and select the “payment type” from dropdown 
  • You can create any payment type via Backoffice webportal
  • Click “Settle” button  
  • You can see the different payment types credit settlement via “ShiftEnd” report

3.1 POS App main menu > Select “ New Sale ” > Click the “Customer” icon

3.2 Select the customer and go to the profile section > Click on the “Settle Outstanding” section

3.3 Tick ON “Select all” button > Select the payment type > Click the “SETTLE” button and continue

3.4 (After clicking the settle button, you can print the settlements, email, or share the receipt via social media messaging platforms.


  • The POS system now offers three distinct methods for clearing a customer's outstanding credit. It enables the settlement of multiple selected credit receipts, allows for partial settlement of individual credit receipts, and facilitates a bulk credit settlement process that can be conducted all at once.

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