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How to Do a Bulk Products Edit

SalesPlay Back Office

Introducing Enhanced Product Management with Bulk Editing in Back Office Webportal


  • Enhance your product management efficiency with the Backoffice Webportal's Bulk Product Edit feature.
  • When extensive edits are needed, simply download your product list to a CSV file. Make desired changes and effortlessly re-upload the same file, streamlining the process. The use of the same CSV for both download and upload simplifies the workflow, ensuring a smooth experience without the risk of product duplication.


Streamlined Bulk Editing Process:

  • If your business demands extensive edits to multiple products, the Bulk Product Edit option is the solution.

1. Login to POS Back Office > Select “ Products” from main menu > Go to the “Product list”

2. Click “ EXPORT” button > Click “Import CSV”

3. Once you click “Import CSV”, it will automatically download the existing product list, after that you can edit the CSV file and upload bulk via “IMPORT” Section

3.1 Login POS Back Office > Select “ Products” from main menu > Go to the “Product list” > Click “ Import” button

3.2 Click “Drag and drop files” area and upload the edited CSV file > Click “UPLOAD” button


  • Click “Confirm Import” button
  • Once the bulk upload is completed, those changes in the products will be shown in backoffice products list section.

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