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How to Delete Receipts

SalesPlay Back Office

1. How to Delete Receipts via POS App


  • POS System allows user to delete receipts when made mistakes during the billing process. To perform this task, user need the Admin Password and the user approval level
  1. POS App main menu
  2. Manage Sales
  3. Select “ Past Receipts ”
  4. Select the relevant receipt via Search or Calendar and click on it
  5. Click the three-dot button on right-hand upper section
  6. Click “Delete” section
  7. Enter “Admin Password”
  8. Click delete confirmation


( A separate reports about deleted receipts can be view via backoffice webportal under advanced sales reports section as ‘Deleted Receipts”.

2. How to Delete receipts


  1. Login to POS Back Office Webportal
  2. Select “ Reports ” from main menu
  3. Go to the “ Receipts”
  4. Select the relevant receipt via Search or Calendar
  5. Click “Delete Multiple Receipts” button
  6. Select the correct SHOP and tick the receipt or multiple receipts
  7. Enter the backoffice password
  8. Click “Delete” button


(Once you deleted the receipts, those receipts will be deleted both backoffice and POS app side)


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