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How to Create Order Types

In some businesses, there may be different options for customer. Dining, Takeaway and Delivery options will be available in a restaurant.

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What Is Order Type?


The Order Types feature refers to a customizable functionality that enables businesses to categorize and manage diverse transaction scenarios according to their specific industry requirements.
In the restaurant industry, the Order Types feature may include options such as Dining, Takeaway, and Delivery.

In a healthcare setting like a hospital, Order Types could encompass Channeling, Outpatient Department (OPD), Laboratory services, Wards, and more, reflecting the variety of services provided.

Step By Step Process

1. Login to POS Back Office Webportal
2. Select “ Settings ” from main menu
3. Go to the “ Feature”
4. Tick ON “ Order Types ” button
5. Click “ Save”

(Once you ON “Order Types”, it will appear as a sub-menu in the Settings section)

6. Select Order Types
7. Click on Delivery, Dine-in or Takeaway
8. Click status ON
9. Click “Update”


(Once you click the ‘update”, “Order Types” will downloaded to the POS app and the user can select the “Order Type” from the main interface. When doing the receipt, select the correct ‘Order Type” and it will printed on the receipt.)


You can select the DEFAULT order type by ticking ON the default button in the Backoffice, order types section in the Settings page.

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