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How to Create Order Types

SalesPlay Back Office > Settings > Order Types

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1. Order Types


  • In some businesses, there may be different options for customer.
    • For example, Dining, Takeaway and Delivery options will be available in a restaurant for the customers.

2. Login to POS Back Office > Select “ Settings ” from main menu > Go to the “ Feature”


  1. Tick ON “ Order Types ” button
  2. Click “ Save”

(Once you ON “Order Types”, it will appear as a sub-menu in Settings section)

3. Select Order Types > Click on Delivery, Dine-in or Takeaway


  1. Click status ON
  2. Click “Update”

4. You can select the DEFAULT order type by tick ON the default button in Backoffice, order types section in Settings page.

5. Once you click the ‘update”, “Order Types” will downloaded to the POS app and user can select the “Order Type” from the main interface. When doing the receipt, select the correct ‘Order Type” and it will printed on the receipt.

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