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How to Check Customer Purchase History

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Customer Purchase History


  • The "Customer Purchase History" feature allows businesses to easily access and review a customer's past transactions.

    The Customer Purchase History feature empowers businesses to gain valuable insights into their customers' shopping behaviors and preferences.

    By providing a comprehensive record of past transactions, this feature allows employees to quickly access information about products purchased, transaction dates, payment methods used, and more.

    This detailed overview assists businesses in understanding which products are popular among specific customers, helping them to anticipate demand, manage inventory effectively, and refine marketing strategies.

    For in-depth customer behavior analysis and insights, users can navigate to the "Reports" and "Customer" sections within the backoffice of the POS system.

How to check a customer’s purchase history via POS App

POS App main menu >Select “New Sale” > Click the “customer icon” on the main interface

Click or search for the relevant customer

Click “View Purchase History” at the bottom of the page > For a wider date range, you can use the “Calendar” icon

How to check a customer’s purchase history via Back Office

Login to POS Back Office > Select “Customer” from the main menu > Go to the “Customer base”

Click on the relevant customer’s name > Click the “More” section > Click “View History

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