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How to Adjust Quantity Based on the Price

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Example Scenario

  • Product: Cashew nuts
  • Unit Price: US$ 0.12 per gram
  • Customer's Requested Amount: US$ 10
  • Total Quantity = US$ 10 / US$ 0.12 ≈ 83.33 grams


The user inputs US$ 10

The system automatically calculates the quantity: 83.33 grams


Instead of specifying the quantity, the user inputs the total value the customer is willing to spend on a particular product. For example, a customer wants to buy Cashew nuts for US$ 10.


The system, equipped with the "Adjust Quantity Based on Price" feature, performs an automatic calculation based on the product's unit price. In our example, if Cashew nuts are priced at US$ 0.12 per gram, the system calculates that the customer should receive approximately 83.33 grams of Cashew nuts for the specified US$ 10.

1. How to Activate 'Adjust Quantity Based on Price'

1.1 Login to POS Back Office > Select “ Settings ” from main menu > Go to the “ Software Setup”

1.2 Tick ON “Adjust quantity based on price” button > Click “ Update”

2. How to Use the 'Adjust Quantity Based on Price' Option in the POS App

2.1 POS App main menu > Select “ New Sale ” > Select an item and click

2.2 Click again the item at the ITEM CART area. > Go to the “Line Total” area and click on it

2.3 Enter the value the customer willing to pay for the products


  • Quantity will be adjusted automatically

2.4 Click “Add” button > Now click 'CHARGE' and proceed

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