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How to Add Subscription Payment Methods

SalesPlay Back Office

Special Notes

  • If you wish to delete your card information entirely, please use the "My Profile" section in your backoffice. If you choose to delete your profile, please be aware that your data will be permanently removed and cannot be retrieved in the Back Office or the POS App.

Adding payment method

  • Our payment gateway provider, Stripe, securely handles all credit and debit card transactions for SalesPlay. We do not store your card details to ensure your security.
  • If your card isn't accepted or you don't have one, first contact your bank for assistance. Alternatively, we offer payment options through platforms like PayPal or Wire transfer. Reach out to our help center or contact [email protected] for further information.

1. Login to POS Back Office > Go to “Settings” Section > Select “Billing & subscriptions”

2. Click the “Add Payment Method” button down the page

3. Enter card details correctly > Click Save

Payments Activation for subscriptions

  • Once you've initiated a trial, you have the flexibility to activate the subscription either immediately or at the trial period's conclusion. Card details are required during the activation process.
  • Activating the subscription before the trial's end allows you to continue using the service without payment until the trial period concludes. Your card will be charged, and an invoice will be issued at the trial's end.

Payments Activation for subscriptions - Special Notes

  • If you've activated or created employees or shops for testing and do not intend to keep them, you can remove or disable them before making a purchase.
  • For purchases made through other platforms, we add a credit balance to your account in the subscription section, which you can use to activate your services.

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