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How to Add Customized Remarks

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Product Remarks


  • The "Product Remarks" feature allows users, to attach additional custom notes, comments, or specific instructions to individual items as they are being processed during a transaction.
  • These remarks are associated with the particular products or items that a customer is purchasing or ordering, and they can include information such as special requests, preferences, dietary restrictions, modifications, or any other relevant details.
    • Example
      • If the user needs to include a note for a medication, such as "Take after eating" or "Take before eating," you can utilize this functionality. This feature enables you to add these instructions for pharmaceutical products.


  • When the transaction is completed and a receipt is generated, the "Product Remarks" are included on the printed receipt alongside each respective item. This provides a tangible record of the customer's specific requests or requirements, allowing both the customer and the business to have a clear reference point for the details discussed during the transaction.

1. Open POS App > Select “New Sale” > Select an item and click

2. Click again the item in the ITEM CART area.

3. Go to the “REMARK” area and click > Enter the customized note > Click “Add”

4. Now click CHARGE.


  • When you bill from the POS App, the customized note will appear on the receipt near the product.

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