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How to Add a Product Description

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Product Description


  • A product description gives you more information about the product. This extra info might tell you how the product was made and what it's made from. You can see these descriptions by clicking the "Product Information" button in the POS app.
  • The "Product Description" feature offers a comprehensive overview of the product. It may include a detailed description of the product's purpose, functionality, and key features. This section might also include technical specifications, dimensions, weight, and other relevant details that can help potential buyers understand what they are considering.
  • The product description is important for a user / cashier because it helps them provide accurate and detailed information to customers during the checkout process.
    • Informed Customer Assistance:When customers have questions about a product, the cashier can quickly access the product description to provide accurate answers. This improves customer service and builds trust, as customers feel that the cashier is knowledgeable and helpful.
    • Avoiding Confusion:Some products might look similar but have distinct differences. The product description ensures that the cashier understands these differences and can explain them to customers, reducing the likelihood of customers purchasing the wrong item.

Login to POS Back Office > Select “Products” from the main menu > Go to the “Product list”

Click the “Add Product” button > Enter the product description > Click the “Save” button


  • Click the “Save” button

How to Check Product Description in POS App


  • Users can get more knowledge about the Product via the “Product Information” button. The product information button can be seen on every product’s right-hand side upper corner with an “i“ letter (Information) icon.
  • Once clicked it user can get the product name, product description, available stock, product code, price, cost category, barcode, and tax details.

POS App main menu > Select “ New Sale ”

In every product beside the price area “i“ button can be seen

Click the ‘ Product Information “ button > You can see additional details

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