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How to Add Charges

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  • In certain businesses, it is customary to impose an extra fee on customers. For instance, restaurants may apply a "Service Charge" to dining customers. SalesPlay has the capability to manage these supplementary fees within the "Taxes/Charges" section.

There are three distinct types of charges that can be applied

  • Included in the Price: In this case, the charge is already factored into the listed price of a product or service. Customers do not see it as a separate item during checkout; it's bundled into the overall price.
  • Added to the Price: This type of charge is added on top of the product or service price, and customers pay both the item's cost and this additional charge during the checkout process.
  • Fixed Charge: Some businesses opt to include extra fees on customer bills. For example, restaurants may apply a "Delivery Fee" for delivery services. This fixed charge is a specific, set amount and is not calculated as a percentage of the order total, as in the other two types of charges mentioned above.

1.1 Login to POS Back Office > Select “Settings” from main menu > Go to the “Feature”

1.2 Tick ON “Taxes/Charges” button > Click “Save”


  • Once you ON “Taxes/Charges”, it will appear as a sub-menu in the Settings section

2. Select Taxes/Charges > Click “Add Taxes and Charges”

3. Select charge type from dropdown > Enter the charge name and value > Click status ON > Click “Save”

How to assign “Other Charges” to the “Order Types”


  • In certain businesses, various service options are offered to customers. For instance, in a restaurant, customers can choose from Dining, Takeaway, and Delivery options. Within the POS System, these options can be associated with a specific "Charge." For example, when a customer selects the Dining option, the POS user should be able to designate it, and the system will automatically apply the corresponding Service Charge.

1. Login to POS Back Office > Select “Settings” from main menu > Go to the “Feature”

1.2 Tick ON “Order Types” button > Click “Save”


  • Once you ON “Order Types”, it will appear as a sub-menu in the Settings section

2. Select Order Types > Click on Delivery, Dine-in or Takeaway which you want to assign the “Charge”

3. Click status ON

4. Click the dropdown near “Attach tax & charges”

5. Tick ON the relevant taxes and charges > Click “Update”

Special Note

  • When it comes time to generate a receipt via the POS System, it's essential to select the appropriate "Order Type" from the POS application, which will then be printed on the receipt.
  • If there are any additional charges associated with the selected order type, users need also assign those charges accordingly. Additionally, if any taxes apply to the products, they need be assigned as well.

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